Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sum UP

Wow! I suck at this.  I just noticed that I have not posted in over 18 months.  That is a really long time.  Let's recap - no that will take too long, let's sum up.
May 2013 - My 29th birthday.  Getting older.
June 2013 - Wesley baseball.  I coached and learned patience in the process.  4-5 year olds learning baseball (t-ball) is stressful.
July 2013 - Lagoon with Grandma and Grandpa Meyers.  Then the Hogle Zoo the next day.
August 2013 - Started the month by traveling to Richmond, VA for my nephews baptism.  We got to visit the National Mall, the Smithsonian, Arlington Cemetery, and Mount Vernon.  Also went to Virginia Beach with my brother and his family.  Once we got back we got a call for Kyle to meet with the Stake President.  Being the obnoxious person that I am, I cracked jokes all the way there about putting him in the bishopric.  I should learn to shut my mouth.  Sure enough, that is exactly what they were doing.  Kyle was called to be the second counselor in the bishopric. At the end of the month Wesley started kindergarten.
September 2013 - School and Kyle coaching cross country.
October 2013 - Halloween - Wesley was a knight, Jon was Superman and Nate was Spiderman.
November 2013 - Kyle's Birthday then Thanksgiving at the end of the month.  My brother flew in from Virginia and we were able to bless  his new baby while he was here.
December 2013 - Christmas at the cabin in McCall with Kyle's family.  We announced that we were expecting another child to join us in August 2014.
January 2014 - Return to school.
February 2014 - Nate turned 2.
March 2014 - Jon turned 4.  We had an ultrasound and found out we were expecting a girl for the first time.  Wesley said, "I told you so!" at the hospital.  He wanted to make sure we all knew he had told us before the ultrasound tech had.
April 2014 - Wesley turned 6. Spring soccer with both boys being coached by Kyle.  Both Wesley and Jon got to make goals this year.
May 2014 - I hit the big 30!  Age is just a number though.  I still act like a kid sometimes.
June 2014 - Yellowstone at the beginning of the month.  Still a little cold, but got to see some really cool things - Old Faithful, Prismatic lakes and bison.  T-ball for both Wesley and Jon.  They were on different leagues though.  Wesley was on a just 6 year olds league and he even got to hit off a pitch since his coach was willing to pitch to them.  Jon was on the 4-5 year old league and got to learn his own patience with his coach and teammates.  He is way to competitive for co-ed t-ball.   Kyle and I got to go with the youth in our ward to the Manti pageant.  It was amazing.  The young women asked really inappropriate questions about pregnancy.  They were a goofy group.
July 2014 - Reddington Roundup - swimming at Lava Hot Springs.  Ward Campout - we didn't campout since I was less than a month away from my due date.  Alexandria Layne Meyers was born July 28th.  She was 10 days early, but she was big enough.  Weighing in at 9lbs 5oz and 21 inches long, she is definitely my biggest so far.
August 2014 - Back to school for Kyle and Wesley.  Wesley started 1st grade.  Kyle got his math teaching certificate and is now teaching full time as a math teacher at Minico High School.
September 2014 - I am off work and just hanging out with my kiddos at home.  Kyle is coaching cross country.
October 2014 - I go back to work at the beginning of the month.  Miss my little girl terribly.  She is an amazingly adorable baby.  (I am a little biased.)  Halloween this year Wesley goes as Captain Jack Sparrow (I let them watch Pirates of the Caribbean a few weeks prior), Jon goes as Iron Man, Nate goes as the Hulk (I thinks 2 year olds really relate to the Hulk and smashing things), and Alexandria is the new Minnie Mouse.  I am the old Minnie Mouse.  I am in red and Lexi (Alexandria's nickname) is in pink.  Kyle does not dress up since he says he quit doing that when he got too old to dress up.  Guess I never really grew up did I?  I haven't missed dressing up a single year yet.
November 2014 - Kyle's birthday.  He is now 33. 
Since we are finally caught up I will try to do a better job of staying caught up.  We will see how well that goes.  Till I write again.  Adieu!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

It has been 5 years already!

It sometimes seems like just yesterday we were preparing for our first little boy.  Now that little boy has turned 5 years old.  Wesley opened his presents after I got home from work.  Kyle asked Wesley if he knew what he was getting for his birthday and he kept telling him he was getting a bed.  Apparently he saw me get one of his presents and was confused.  I got him a new comforter and sheets for when he moves into his own bedroom.  For his birthday we had a family dinner with Poppa, Grandma and Aunt Jenn at Chadwicks in Burley.  The boys were a little crazy at dinner, but we did have a good time.  The next day Wesley got to go to the doctor for his 5 year well child checkup.  I say "got to", but I think Wesley thought it was a had to.  We have been prepping him for this doctor's appointment for several months since he would be receiving a fairly large amount of shots.  He had to get his last set of shots to be able to go to school this upcoming fall.  He got four total shots.  One in his right arm, one in his right thigh and two in his left thigh.  He was really upset after the shots.  He did fine however once he got over the shock of his mom holding him still while he got stuck four times.  The nurse said he did quite well and did not even cry a lot.  He was a real trouper.  His stats are 43 inches tall (75th percentile) and 36 pounds (25th percentile).  He eyesight was appropriate for his age and even his blood pressure was wonderful.  Overall, a healthy little boy.  On Saturday we planned a friend birthday party for him.  He had a Superman party.  He had his cousins and a few friends over for games and cake.  They played Pin the Shield on Superman (instead of pin the tail on the donkey), Kryptonite Treasure Hunt and they colored their own Superman Shields.  He even had a Superman cake.  It went very well and all of the kids seemed to have fun.  After the party ended we went to Gerties with all of the aunts, uncles, cousins and Poppa and Grandma.  The men left Gerties to go play golf that evening and the rest of us went to Grandma and Poppa's house.  It was a wonderful day.
Wesley opening his presents on his birthday.

Wesley's Superman cake.

Wesley and his cake while we sang "Happy Birthday to You"

Wesley opening his presents from his friends.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Easter this year was really fun.  We got to attend a ward Easter brunch and egg hunt on Saturday morning.  It ended being really good.  The Easter Egg Hunt was split into little kids (7 & younger) and older kids (8-12).  The little kid side mostly had candy and eggs thrown on the ground so they were easy for the kids to find.  However Kyle noticed a large chocolate bunny that was hidden up higher more in Kyle's reach than any small kid.  So Kyle lifted Jon up so he could get it.  Later we noticed a couple of young women girls looking where the bunny had been hidden.  They must have thought that no little kid would be able to reach that high so they would be able to come and get the bunny later.  It was kind of funny.  We took Wes & Jon to the movies on Saturday as a treat.  They really enjoyed going to see "The Croods" and quote it often.  After the movie we went to my parents to color easter eggs and have dinner with them and my sister Caitlin and her husband and daughter.  The boys had fun coloring Easter eggs, Nate especially.  Nate stuck his hand in the coloring and turned his egg.  By the time all the eggs were colored, so was Nate.  Nate had dyed his hands a beautiful shade of green that is remaniscent of the Hulk.  Jonny was jealous that Nate had Hulk hands so he dyed his hands a lighter shade of green.  We quickly made up Easter baskets before we went home so the boys' baskets were at Poppa & Nana's house.  It was fast Sunday at church so we felt it would be better to just have the baskets after church.  We did have some Easter outfits and movies at our house the next morning so they would have something from the Easter Bunny in the morning.  The next morning I went to get the boys ready for church and discovered that the pants that came with their suits were too big.  All of the boys' pants had to be resized so they did not fall off their bums.  Wesley however wanted to know "why the Easter Bunny did not know his size."  After church we went to my parents house and had a family Easter Egg Hunt with Catie Bell (Caitlin's daughter).  Nate was really excited to pick up the eggs and would point at the eggs to get us to go the right direction.  All of the boys seemed to have a lot of fun finding the eggs.  We had a turkey dinner for Easter dinner.  Kyle does not approve of this tradition in my family.  He feels we should have ham.  It was a great day and really fun to celebrate with Caitlin, Scott, Catie Bell, Jenn, and my parents.
My boys in their Easter outfits.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break this year was cut a little short for us due to circumstances outside our control, but we decided to still go to Coeur D'Alene for the time we did have.  We took off Saturday morning in (of course) a freak snow storm that made it difficult to see.  It cleared up by the time we got past American Falls though.  It was a very long drive.  We drove up through Montana so we got to see some really empty country. By the way, did you know there are 2.5million cows in Montana and less than 1million people.  See I even learned something on our vacation.  When we got out of the car in Missoula for a potty break we discovered that Jonathen gets car sick.  He did manage to get inside and puke in a toilet.  We then stopped again in Kellogg and he threw up all over a grocery store floor.  We couldn't find a bathroom fast enough for him.  We got to the condos by 5 pm PST.  (Coeur D'Alene is an hour behind Heyburn)  We made dinner and unpacked.  We didn't even go swimming or anything that night since it was getting late.  The next day we met up with my sister Elisa, her husband Don, and her son Shayne to go to Cataldo.  Cataldo is the first mission in Idaho.  It is an interesting building since it was built by the Coeur D'Alene Native Americans and the Jesuit priests that came by invitation.  All of the paintings inside were done by the first priest who set up the mission.  We had a picnic on the grounds of the mission and discovered that soggy ground and running children equals mud splatters up to the rear end of said children.  We then went back to the condos and swam for a little while before grabbing some food.  It was a fun day.  On Monday we drove down to Potlatch to see an old train depot.  It wasn't as cool as it sounded, but we mut up with Elisa and Shayne and played on the playground toys.  Nate had a great time and kept wanting to go down the slides.  Then we headed back to the condos.  On Tuesday we drove to Mead, Washington (just outside of Spokane) to go to Cat Tails.  Cat Tails is a zoo mostly for different types of cats.  They had a lion cub, tigers, a couple bears, some panthers and some bobcats.  It was fun to see the animals up close and hear the stories of how they ended up at the zoo.  Most of the animals were rescued from bad situations.  There was a white tiger that prowled around his cage growling at pretty much everything.  The boys really enjoyed him and spent a lot of time "talking" to him.  Wednesday we headed home.  It was another long drive, but we stopped by my sister Crystal's on the way home and spent some time with her and her kids.  Overall, it was a fast and furious vacation, but lots of fun.

Cataldo "Old Mission"
Inside "Old Mission"
Potlatch Train
The boys and Zeus the white tiger
The view from our condo balcony.
It was beautiful.


One Year Older & Wiser too!

Jon is now three years old.  He has been anxiously awaiting this day for quite a while now.  The night before his birthday he asked me if he could start telling people he is three.  I took him to the doctor the day before his birthday for his yearly checkup.  On the way there he told me he was getting shots.  Since this is his 3 year check up he is not supposed to get shots so I let him know that no, he would not be getting shots this time.  He then informed me in a very sad voice, "But I wanted shots so I could get a sucker."  It was very funny.  He thought he had to get a shot to get a sucker.  The doctor is always suprised by my little boys and what they say and do.  Jonathen shook his hand when he came in and promptly told him all about how he will turn three the next day.  Jonathen is a big talker.  In fact, it is not very often that I can get him to be quiet.  He will talk to anyone.  He measured 39 inches tall (between 75th & 90th percentile) and 30 lbs (10th percentile).  Long and skinny.  On his birthday we had a family dinner for him and Upper Crust.  My parents and a few of my sisters were there.  Elisa and her son Shayne were in town from Moscow so they got to be there.  Jon  always enjoys having Shayne around.  They had dinner and Jon got to wear an icecream cone hat for his birthday.  He wasn't really sure he wanted to wear the hat.  We then opened presents and had cake.  Jon was soooooo excited about all of his presents.  The cake was a superhero cake.  It had three different layers and each layer represented a different superhero.  The bottom layer was green and purple for The Hulk, the middle layer was white with blue webbing for Spiderman, and the top layer was yellow with a bat signal for Batman.  Jonny got the idea from my mother and her pintrest obsession.  She saw a cake on  pinterest that was layered like that and Jon just had to have something like that.  It turned out pretty well for being three cakes combined into one.  Jon also had his nursery teachers stop by with bunny cakes for his birthday and the Bishop brought over cookies the next day for him.  Our ward is really great about birthdays, I was really suprised.  Jon had a great day and is so excited to be three years old.  However he has already started planning his next birthday. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Nate dear

Nathaniel is now 1 year old.  Actually he has been for 10 days now.  It is amazing how fast time goes by.  He is an amazing little boy.  For his birthday we didn't just have a one day celebration, in fact, we celebrated all weekend long and it was a long weekend since President's Day was the day after his birthday.  On Saturday we had a family dinner for any who could and wanted to attend at Gertie's.  Nate got to eat as much pizza, cottage cheese and olives as he wanted to.  He actually really enjoyed the evening.  He opened his presents from his grandparents, aunts, and uncles at gerties.  Poppa & Nana got him a turtle he can bounce up and down on and when I lifted the large box up so he could see it he hugged the box.  It was very cute.  He also got a drum, toddler piano, Optimus Prime Rescue Bot, and a stacking toy.  Aunt Jenn was less than excited to see the drum.  On Sunday, his actual birthday, we let him open his presents from us and his brothers.  We got him a Fisher Price Zoo with animals that roar.  He absolutely loved it.  Once we got it all put together he stood up next to it and shook it.  The boys got him extra animals to go with his zoo.  On Monday my sisters and their kids were coming to Rupert so we had cake and icecream with them at my parent's house.  I got up on Monday and made a 3D duck cake and decorated it.  To the left is the finished product.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  Overall he celebrated turning one pretty well.  On Monday I also took him to the doctor for his 1 year well baby check up.  He got his immunizations and showed the doctor how fast he can crawl.  Jon went with us since he likes going to the doctor (he gets suckers at the doctors office).
 Nate and Jon were chasing each other around the base of the examinig table when our doctor came into the room.  He was 31 inches tall (90th percentile and taller than both of my other boys) and weighed 20 lbs (10th percentile).  He is an inch taller and a pound lighter than Jonathen was at one year old.  He can take a few steps by himself, but prefers to crawl.  He will take a few steps and then look around accusingly and promptly sit down.  It is almost like it surprises him  that he walked without help.  It is kind of funny.  Nana let go of him and he took 2 steps, he then turned and glared at Nana and quickly set down.  He is an adorable little boy that loves to play with his brothers.  We are so happy to have him in our family

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nate opening his Christmas Eve present
Wesley opening his Christmas Eve present

Jon opening his Chrismtas Eve present

Jon wearing his Christmas Eve present
Wesley and Nate in their matching Christmas Eve presents

Jon in his present from Aunt Mandy

Wesley in his present from Aunt Mandy

Nate and his big present from Santa

Jon in his helmet.  (The helmets were jointly bought by Great Grandma & Grandpa Welch and Great Grandma Reddington.)

Jon and his 32" tall Batman - he just stared at it with his hand in the air for a couple of minutes after he opened it.

All of the boys and I playing with Nate's Sock Monkey in the Box.

Wesley in his helmet playing with his bike from Santa